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The time of the Party
  • With everything under control, the hosts should feel relaxed and confident. Even then, it is important that the hosts consciously set aside time for themselves before the guests arrive. The luxury of taking of nap or a refreshing bath might be well worth it.

  • The hostess should select clothing and footwear that is stylish but which does not compromise on comfort as she may have to do a few chores before and during the party. The hostess may keep a mirror, compact and lipstick handy in the kitchen so that she can quickly freshen up when she makes a trip to the kitchen.

  • The hosts should maintain poise and be relaxed and ready to greet their first guest. The most unforgivable thing is to be late for oneís own party.

  • All toiletries and discarded clothes should be put away once the hosts are dressed as later some guest may want to use your room for some reason. A neat and tidy room would save an embarrassment.

  • Restrooms should be left spick and span when the family finishes using them.

  • The kitchen should also be tidied up as soon as most of the cooking is over. The lesser the mess, the calmer is the mind.

  • Ice cubes should be removed from ice-trays in the fridge and stored in ice-buckets just before the evening is about to begin. This is a great time saver.

  • After everything is ready, one should run through the party-list to make sure nothing is forgotten. The hostess and host about should be in complete coordination and harmony in everything they do.

  • Attending to drinks is generally the menís domain. Once he is aware of the menu, he can select the wines and other beverages.

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