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  • It is the first impression that remains the lasting impression and first impressions are largely formed by one’s appearance and very often by appearance alone.

  • Although this may seem foolish, annoying and grossly unfair, it is perhaps the only criterion by which most people can form their impressions or opinion about others. Sociological studies have also revealed that well groomed persons are regarded as people with higher intelligence and achievements to their credit.

  • To look good, it is not only important to wear good clothes but also we have to take personal hygiene into account. Nowadays, the trend is towards the natural look-clean and healthy!

Poise has a lot to do with mannerisms and movements. This includes the way you talk, walk and carry yourself. You could be sure of your poise and grace if you develop the following habits:

  • Always stand and walk tall with your head high and shoulders pulled back.

  • Sit back in the chair, spine straight and supported by the back.

  • Never sit on the edge of the chair, this speaks for lack of confidence. Always place yourself in the centre of the seat.

  • Women need to cross their feet neatly at the ankles. Crossing one knee over the other is also acceptable but does not look as graceful, especially when the saree rides up to expose the leg and petticoat.

  • Men need to remember not to partially slide down the chair and spread out their legs continuously shake their knees.

Personal Care for Men

  • A gentleman should always have his hair well-trimmed. It should be brushed back and kept in place, if necessary with a styling gel or mousse.

  • A man should be either clean-shaven or sport a neatly trimmed beard, though some men prefer to sport a stubble. A stubble also needs looking after just like a beard. Try dabbing a mild after-shave for a soothing effect or a cologne for that touch of class.

  • It would be worthwhile having a professional facial occasionally.

  • Those who tend to sweat profusely should not neglect underarm fresheners.

Personal Care for Women
The best of clothes, accessories and jewellery can not do much for a woman if she neglects her body, face and hair. Regular facials, manicures, pedicures, body massage, hair care, exercise, healthy diet and a proper sleep show down the ageing process considerably. To look beautiful you should feel beautiful from within. A few tips to look beautiful and radiant before an important engagement-

  • Take a thorough shower and shampoo your hair too. At the end of a shower, alternate between a very hot a very cold shower a couple of times. The shock of having cold shower after a warm hot bath is a very good energiser, especially when one is suffering from jet lag or loss of sleep. It also helps to close the pores and gives the hair an extra shine.

  • After the bath, dab the body with a towel and while the body and the face are still moist, apply moisturizer to the face and body lotion to feel soft.

  • Wear beautiful lingerie to feel wonderful and fresh.

  • Dry your hair. When almost dry, bend to throw your hair down and brush well into the scalp. This adds bounce and shine to the hair.

  • Do your make up according to the occasion and the time. Emphasize your best features to enhance your natural beauty and camouflage the weaker ones.

  • Smell good and make yourself desirable. Your choice of perfume also reveals a side or part of you. Use deodorants and sprays during the mornings and at evenings wear exotic perfumes. Apply perfumes at places where the body heat releases the fragrance like behind the ears, wrists, nape of the neck, temples and between your breasts. Apply perfume before wearing your pearls or silver jewellery.

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