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This simple gesture is often done most gracelessly, by many people, to put it mildly. Introducing people does not merely mean informing each party the name of the other. It is the duty of the person making the introduction to ensure that a friendly, cordial and warm atmosphere is created.

Some Do's

  • DO be confident while making introductions. Don't get nervous.
  • DO introduce the more important of the two last. Thus
    • a man is introduced to a woman;
    • a younger person is introduced to an older one;
    • an unmarried woman to married woman
    • A junior official or a person lowers in hierarchy or status to the senior person.
    • During introduction made in the house, household member is introduced to the guest.
  • DO comment briefly on the backgrounds, when introducing two people. Comment on some hobby or interest common to both.
  • DO ensure that a warm, happy and cordial atmosphere is created while introducing. A proper and correct introduction does not merely mean informing each party the name of the other.
  • DO assist the newly acquainted people to carry on a smooth, amiable and congenial flow of conversation.
  • DO be bold and take the initiative in introducing yourself to other people at a big gathering, if you find the Host unavailable for some time. A smooth way could be "Hi, I am Andy. George (the host) and I are college friends."
  • DO circulate, but slowly. As a guest you should not go around greeting everyone upon entering the room, even they are familiar faces. There will ample time and opportunity to meet everyone during the course of the evening.

When to Rise

  • A woman not to rise, barring a few exceptional cases such as in the presence of a State dignitary or religious head or a much older person.
  • The man rises only the first time a woman enters the room. He does not rise subsequently when the lady departs and re-enters.
  • A man must stand up whenever a woman comes to speak to him and continue standing till the woman sits down or walks away.
  • The hosts must rise upon the arrival of each guest and warmly greet them.

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