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EVERYONE loves receiving a compliment. Yet, very few want to give one. Complimenting people is a habit one must cultivate. Compliments not only make the receiver feel good, but also goes a long way in making the relationship more friendly and warm.

Giving Compliments

  • Get into the habit of observing and detecting good qualities in others and compliment if you find something praiseworthy.
  • There is a line of difference between flattery and genuine compliments. Compliments should be sincere as flattery can be seen through, showing the flatterer in a poor light.
  • Don’t compliment just for the sake of it. When a person compliments too often, the compliments loses their value.

Receiving Compliments

  • When complimented, accept the compliment gracefully. A simple ‘thank you’ with an expression reflecting pleasure on the face is sufficient.
  • Don’t feel embarrassed or rebuff the compliment saying "Oh! It's nothing" or "Sorry, I could not do much."

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