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  • Always wear your clothes with an attitude; you could totally change the way you carry them off.

  • Attitude means your self-confidence and body language which reflect your style. When you wear your clothes with the right attitude there is no way it won’t work for you. Never try to copy someone. Be your own confident individual self and soon you could be the trendsetter. When you are wearing clothes with a negative attitude, then even the most glamorous outfits would not do anything for you. Whereas the right attitude, even a simple jeans and shirt can make a stunning impact!

  • Quit waiting only for a party or an occasion to dress well. Make dressing up well, a routine.

  • Clothes, which from a basic need, also have an ability of setting a person apart, if rightly chosen. Clothes reveal the origin, class, personality, occupation, individuality, taste and even the mood of the wearer.

  • But there is one fundamental fact – feeling comfortable is as important as looking good. Clothes should be like a second layer of skin and should fit as easily as the first. Dress to make yourself happy and you will find yourself well dressed most of the time.

  • Remember when you look good you have an added sense of confidence to successfully clinch any deal.

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