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Table Manners

Some Do's and Don'ts
  • DON'T slouch in the chair, resting an elbow on the table and leaning against it. Sit up straight, yet be relaxed.

  • DON'T sit on edge of the chair. Place yourself in the centre of the seat.

  • DON'T twiddle your thumbs, playing with the plates, touching the hair or any such gestures while waiting for the courses to be served.

  • DON'T talk with a full mouth.

  • DON'T load the plate with very large portions of food.

  • DO be polite giving attention to persons sitting on either side even if one holds more interest than the other.

  • DO replace the serving spoon neatly, after serving oneself, for the convenience of the next person to be served.

  • DO ask politely, at a sit-down meal, if one feels the need for anything at the table, to be passed to you; instead of reaching for it across the table with an out stretched hand.

  • DO One should neither eat too fast nor too slow. A medium pace would enable everyone to finish eating at the same time. Food should be eaten silently and without the clatter of the cutlery on the plate.

  • DO remove an unwanted object from the mouth (fish bone or a fruit seed) as deftly as possible. Don't put your hand into your mouth, in full view.

  • DO use a toothpick, should something get stuck in the mouth, in the privacy of cupping one hand around the mouth. The toothpick should be snapped into two after use, to prevent its accidental use by another person.

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