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Placing Orders
  • Place orders for the drinks first and then for the food.

  • Seek the waiter’s recommendations on the choice of dishes, if you do not understand what to order you could There is absolutely no need to order just anything without knowing or finding out what the dish is; you need not fear that others may laugh at your ignorance if you ask for recommendations.

  • There is no reason to be overawed by the atmosphere of the restaurant, the waiter or the elaborate menu card. Shed your diffidence and ask confidently for clarifications even if you are not used to dining often in restaurants.

  • Things are really not as difficult as they seem. The success of dining out and having an enjoyable and exciting time mainly rests with yourself.

  • Be considerate to the host, when being entertained, and do not order the most expensive dish which may be strain on his purse. Order something from the middle of the price range. If money is no consideration for the host, let the host suggest some specialities from which you can choose.

  • You, as a guest should never places an order directly with the waiter unless the group is very large OR the host asks the guests to do so for the sake of convenience. After deciding what to order inform the host about it.

  • Limit yourself to two or at most three drinks or you may be dubbed an alcoholic.

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