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The Party

Welcoming the Guests
  • The first greetings are very important. When the hosts greet their guests with genuine warmth, they make the guests feel happy and glad they came for the party.

  • If the party is a small group, each arrival should be introduced to the entire group. If it is a large party, the Hosts must make introductions amongst those who would have something in common. The hosts must make sure the new arrival is comfortable before leaving his or her side.

  • Drinks should be offered to guests upon their arrival. One should not wait to start serving drinks until all guests arrive.

  • The hosts should circulate amongst all guests, tactfully and discreetly break up sexist groups, rescue 'loners' and diffuse volatile situations. They should keep up the party spirit and ensure everyone has a good time.

  • The hosts must also ensure that glasses are refilled, snacks are circulated, overflowing ashtrays are emptied and so on.

  • If a guest accidentally breaks something, the hosts must take it in their stride, even if it was a favourite. Showing displeasure and making the already embarrassed guest feel worse is a sign of ill-breeding.

As the Evening Progresses
  • The hostess should spend as little time in the kitchen as possible and spend maximum time amongst friends.

  • When dinner is ready to be served, she should announce it to everyone and invite them to the table.

  • At a buffet, the hostess courteously hands out the plates and cutlery to each guest. They should be invited for a second helping because some guests, especially ladies, feel shy to get up and go for a second helping.

  • The guests should be helped to identify the food kept on the table and gently coaxed to try various dishes.

Some Useful Pointers for Guests
  • Good guests know when to leave and especially, if the hosts look tired.

  • It is polite on the part of the guest to telephone the hosts, the next day telling how he/ she enjoyed the evening. Such a gesture will make the host/hostess happy. The guest could also send flowers in advance on the day of the party or the next day with an accompanying message.

  • On receiving a gift from a guest, it would is expected that the hosts warmly thank them and show appreciation. Do not take the gift for granted.

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