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Using Napkins

Some Do's and Don'ts
  • DO unfold the napkin and place it on the lap, as soon as you are seated at the dining table for a meal. Do not wait till the first course is about to be served.

  • DO open the Luncheon napkins which are smaller than dinner napkins, completely and spread on the lap. Dinner napkins, which are larger, are unfolded only in half and spread on the lap.

  • DON'T tuck it bib like into the collar or neckline of the dress, even though the purpose of a napkin is to protect one’s clothes.

  • DON'T use table napkins as hand towels. One should only dab one’s lips and gently wipe the fingers; not wring the napkin and clean the fingers, ears, face and hands vigorously on them.

  • DON'T place the napkin back on the table until you leave. If, for some reason, you need to leave the table during the meal, place the napkin on the chair and not on the table. An unfolded, soiled napkin on the table is not a pleasant sight to the others present at the table. The napkin must remain on the lap, even if you have finished early, till it is time to leave.

  • DO fold the napkin before putting it back on the table, when dining at home or staying as house guest with someone. If napkin rings are used, then the napkin should be slipped through the ring before rising.

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