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Courtesies to be Observed in a Restaurant
  • Loud laughter and conversation attracts the attention of other diners and is a sign of ill-breeding.

  • Draw the waiter’s attention politely by calling out, "Waiter" or "Excuse me" softly or if he's far away, one could try signaling by a slight raising of the hand. Calling out loudly or snapping fingers is a reflection of poor manners.

  • If you happen to drop or spill something accidentally, do not bend to retrieve it or try mopping the tablecloth. Leave it for the waiter. Apologize calmly and if necessary ask for a replacement of whatever is needed and get on with the meal.

  • It is not necessary to approach the table of friends if one spots them. A nod or a smile wave is sufficient. If one feels the compulsion to go over to the table, be brief so that others can get on with their meal.

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