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On arriving at the restaurant
Some Do's and Don'ts
  • DON'T rush inside to occupy the table, even if there are many empty tables. Wait for the captain or waiter to approach you and show you your table.

  • DO inform the Captain if you have made any reservations. Otherwise specify the number of persons in the party so as to be allotted a suitable table.

  • DO give the name of your host, if you are a guest at a Restaurant. The captain will inform you whether the host has arrived or not. Even if the host has not arrived, the guest can be ask to be shown to the table where they can await the arrival of their host.

  • DO request for a change of table if you do not like the table allotted. If possible, the captain will oblige.

  • DO assist the lady/ ladies, with you, in sitting down first and take your seats only after they are seated.

  • DO wait for your guests if you have asked your guests to arrive directly at the Restaurant, without disturbing the napkin arrangement.

  • DO wait till every guest arrives before ordering a drink for yourself. But guests should be urged to order their drinks as soon as they arrive. Wait for a responsible time before laying the food, in case other guests are getting late.

  • DON'T keep the host waiting; be punctual. And if the restaurant is busy and crowded, it puts the host in the awkward position of trying to persuade the managenemt to hold the reservations for a long a time at peak hours.

  • DON'T disturb the napkin arrangement and refrain from ordering drinks, in case you happen to arrive before the hosts.

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