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Very few people actually practice telephone manners. Most people take telephone for granted not understanding that a telephone conversation can be the basis for your impression about the caller. You may be impressed by the voice or you may end up misunderstanding the person.

Telephone Etiquette
  • When you ring up anyone for some particular reason or work, do not start abruptly. First of all exchange the basic courtesies as – “Good morning or Hi! How are you?” Then you could go on to the purpose of your call.

  • Before ending a 'received call', remember to politely say, “Thanks for calling’ or a simple “Thank you” is also enough.

  • Cultivate a clear and attractive voice. Keep a smile on your face while talking on the phone. Be polite and make sure your voice carries the right touch of confidence and assurance. Nothing is more insulting than a curt or rude answer.

  • If someone calls you in your absence, return the call at the first available opportunity. The time taken by you in returning the call reflects the importance of the caller in your life.

  • If someone rings up when you are in the midst of entertaining visitors or in a meeting, keep the conversation brief. If the caller tends to lengthen the conversation, inform him or her about the presence of other people. Ask the person to ring up later or offer to ring back as soon as it is convenient, saying, “Can I call you back later, I have some people around, or I am busy right now.” Take care to be very polite, so as not to hurt the caller.

  • When making a social telephone call, do so at a time convenient to the person you wish to speak to- Avoid early mornings and meal times.

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