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Planning And Organizing a Party
  • The secret of success in entertaining lies in making people feel happy and genuinely wanted. The most important requisites for successful entertaining are carrying and thoughtful hosts who reach out to their guests.

  • Pompous, self-centred hosts who are engrossed only in themselves or in a select few and leave the others to their own devices are not sensitive to the comforts of the invited guests.

  • No amount of expensive catering or getting the best band in town can replace an atmosphere of friendliness where the guests feel truly welcome and important.

  • Proper planning and organizing should be done well in advance. The guest list should include people whom you think would get along well with each other.

  • People of similar status and position or people with common interests should be invited together.

  • The food is very important. Vegetarians must not be disappointed while the non-vegetarians enjoy delicacies of chicken, prawns and other meats. In India due to religious reasons, there are many days when many non-vegetarians are pure vegetarians.

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