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Party Check-list

It is good to devise a ‘check-list’ for parties. It is then easy to run through the list every time you plan a party ensuring that nothing is missed out. The check list may be updated from time to time with fresh ideas.
  • How many people should one invite?
    This will depend upon factors including availability of space, location of the party (at home or outside), help available for cooking, serving and cleaning and so on.

  • What type of party will be most suitable for the occasion?
    Will it be sit-down meal, a buffet, a barbecue, a special theme?
    Will it be dinner, cocktails, luncheon, tea, picnic?
    Will it be formal or informal?

  • What menu should one plan?
    This will depend upon the general taste preferred by the guests, type of the party to be given and taking into account principles of a balanced menu.

  • Does one have necessary provisions, grocery, vegetables, meats etc. required for the menu? When does one go to the Departmental Store? in advance? the day before? on that day?

  • What kind of beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic should one serve?
    This would depend on the occasion, lifestyle of the hosts and the guests, the type of food to be served, availability, and so on.

  • Party Reminders
    Hosts must make their own list of essential items, though easily forgotten eg: tooth picks, bottle openers, guest towels, fresh soap, paper tissues and so on.

  • Budget for the Party
    A simple budget will be helpful in better cost efficiency and discipline. Also, waste can be checked and avoided.

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