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  • Assume Publicity: Always assume that everyone in the world will read your words- be it composing an e-mail message or text for your Home page. Anything put up on the Web is openly available for anyone in the world to see. Don’t send anything that you don’t want others to read.

  • Be Humane: Due to anonymity, people take undue advantage and send offensive messages to all people around the world. On the Net, you are known by your e-mail address BUT this is NOT a free license to verbally assault anyone- whether for fun or otherwise.

  • Do to others as you would have them do unto you: The internet being so flexible a path, those who really know how to use it can wreak “virtual havoc” upon your “virtual world.” While they may not be able to hunt you down, it is not all that difficult for a hacker seeking revenge to effectively disable your link to the Net. For instance-imagine finding 10,000 new message in your e-mail box every day. Such a cruel form of revenge is surprisingly feasible without all that much effort on the part of the infuriated avenger. So, behave on line as you would in person. Watch what you type and how you word potentially volatile statements. Assume that what you say will be taken in the worst possible way, and that if someone is upset enough by it, it will come back to haunt you.

  • Respect others' time: When sending e-mail to people for the first time or to those you don’t know, be focused. Make your message intelligible and precise.

  • Be Forgiving: While using the internet we face a barrier as we only see the message not the sender. And hence it is very easy to misinterpret the intention of the sender. Therefore if you receive a message which is not to your liking, do not take it harshly and retaliate. Be forgiving, and ignore.

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