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Peter found it very difficult to accept the fact that the father whom he had always regarded as invulnerable had lost his job and was out of work. At the same time he had to try to resolve the paradox that a “good” God created a world that contains much happiness.

Peter is angry: Peter's father laments:
“I can’t understand why my dad was made redundant. He was a good worker, and it’s a big firm making good cars. So why did they pick on him?” “Peter doesn’t seem to be willing to accept that the recession is no one’s fault, that these things just happen, and that a lot of good men have lost jobs.”

  • Peter’s mother intervened. It wasn’t until his mother said to him, “Don’t give your father such a hard time, Peter, he’s feeling bad enough about things as it is,” that Peter was able to show his father any sympathy, or talk about his own anger at the way he felt his father had been treated.

  • Eventually Peter realized that his family was caught up in a national economic recession and that there was no reason to think that any of it was his father’s fault. Things became easier when Peter's father found a new job for a small engineering company set up by some of his co-workers, but the future remains uncertain.

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