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The day you have been waiting for has finally come! Your child is now ready for school. A play school necessary sets the foundation for your child's future. This is the first time where he finds for himself in a new place, meets new people and learns as well interacts with adults and children. How do you know if you have made the right choice?

Remember, school is not only for learning but to have fun as well.

Here are a few guidelines for choosing your child's play school.
  • School is run, not only for a business purpose but also with lots of love and care. Your child should be surrounded by a healthy atmosphere with lots of love and understanding. He should not be pressurised at an early stage in life. He should be encouraged to give his best without the pressure of excelling.

  • The staff should be experienced, dedicated and English speaking. Your child needs a good language model to copy.

  • Security- the staff should be responsible in taking care of each child.

  • The school should not only teach but engage the children in other activities as well.

Art work-painting, pasting, colouring.
Toy playing
Singing/ dancing
Regular outings/ picnics

  • The play area should be large enough with sufficient swings, slides, see-saws etc.

  • Ratio of Teacher:Child should not be very large. The child needs to interact on a one-to-one basis with the teacher.

  • Toilets should be clean. Maids should be at hand to take the child to the toilet whenever required.

  • Clean drinking water should be available for your child.

  • Transport facilities should be available to and from the house. The closer to home the school, the better, as he is still too small to travel long distances everyday. Check out your neighbourhood schools first.

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