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An atmosphere of doom has seemingly encircled the entire earth; and there is a need for charge. These sentiments are shared by a whole lot of nature adults all over the world. There are so many fears within us, so much jealousy and hatred and attachment and pride. Is this all what we're going to give our future generation in legacy?

Need to change

“Change.” The word scares a lot of people. Old always gives way to new; new growing into old. And the most important change needed right now is to change our attitude and thinking about bringing up children at home and at school.

Children need unconditional energy flowing towards them in order to evolve. In order to thrive, they need to be around adults who can give they physical, emotional and mental nourishment. While repeatedly correcting them, according to what we parents perceptive as correct and perfect, we drain their energies and create 'Control Dramas'. Remember that children learn to trust the world and their own place in it when they are spoken to honestly, and included in conversation and decision making appropriate to their level of understanding.

One of the most important ways to transform our world is by fostering growth and expansion in our children. Bringing up children in today’s toxic world is extremely difficult and needs new thoughts and action plan. They are exposed to violence, drugs and sex as never before. Values seem to have run amuck. But it is also true that at the very same time, when things seem to be reeling out of control, we are in a period of incredible potential for enlightenment and expansion.

When people decide to have children, they have an obligation not only to sustain life on a physical level, but also to encourage the spiritual and emotional bodies as well. [On these levels, a baby is like a psychic sponge soaking up all the impressions that are present in the environment.] Therefore, parents need to realize they are responsible for the feelings and thoughts they give out, because this energy passes directly into a child’s psyche. Problems of insecurity, worthlessness and distrust, all stem from upbringing. In these situations, parents have not fulfilled their responsibilities.

Here are some Guidelines for bringing up children in a spiritually enriching atmosphere; teaching them dignity, vales and priorities by example.





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