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Although most people think of Peewee Football as a "kid's game", more and more fitness-oriented urban professionals with a love of physical contact and a sincere desire to lie about their ages have discovered that there's no better way to get rid of frustrations than to lean down, take a handoff (by force, if necessary) from a 48-pound quarterback, and plow through an entire team of 8-year-old boys on the way to a 97-yard touchdown run. Not only is it fun, but nutritionists (never mind which ones) tell us that the average 40-year-old male burns off ten extra calories for each child clinging to his ankles
One word of caution here: If any other urban professionals have discovered your particular Peewee Football leagues, you want to make sure they play on your team. This is also a good practice to follow with any unusually large eight-year-old boys.

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