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  • Mankind's need to compete in sports goes back to that fateful prehistoric day, hundreds of thousands of years ago, when a primitive man first picked up a club and a primitive ball fashioned from animal hide, tossed the ball aloft, then whomped the club into the sloping forehead of a primitive umpire. Since then, there has never been a civilization that did not engage in sports.

  • In ancient Greece, the Olympic games were considered so important that when it was time to hold them, the Greeks would lay down their arms and invite their enemies to do the same. Then the Greeks would snatch up their arms again, whack their enemies into pieces the size of candy corn, and celebrate by having the Olympic games

  • Back then, of course, the only events were running naked, and ice dancing, Today, we have hundreds of sports to choose from. We're now going to look at some of the more popular modern sports, so you can choose the ones you wish to incorporate into your overall fitness program. There's an exhaustive list too, for ready reference.

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