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  • Anyone who travels a lot on business will tell you that it isn't easy: eating at a different restaurant every night, having the maid leave little chocolate mints on your pillow, ordering a late-night `hors d'oeuvre platter from Room Service while you watch in-room movies such as Nubile Olympic Gymnasts Visit the Petting Zoo, and all the other little hassles and inconveniences that go with life "on the road".

  • But for the businessperson who's into physical fitness, there is yet another problem: finding a way to work out.

    Here is one suggestion:
    The best way to work out in your hotel room is to turn on the television at the crack of dawn and watch one of the morning workout shows featuring the cheerful women in Obscene Leotards. There's no more invigorating way to start the day than to lie in a darkened hotel room and listen to these women leap around and shout encouragement at you until you work up the energy to hurl your hors d'oeuvre tray at the TV screen and order Room Service to send up a simple order of light fried pancakes immediately.

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