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At one time, this important subject would have been considered "too delicate" to be discussed openly, but all that has changed, thanks to fine people who sell vaginal deodorants via television commercials featuring two good friends having a 'frank discussion':

DEBBIE (hesitantly): Sue, may I ask you something?
SUE: Sure, Debbie: What is it?
DEBBIE: Sue, are you aware that for the past seven years, including at formal affairs such as funerals, you've been emitting an aroma that would fell a buffalo at 90 feet?
SUE (frowning slightly): Why no, Debbie, I didn't know! Perhaps that is why I have remained a housewife, rather than winning the Nobel Prize for Physics!
DEBBIE: Why not try this?
SUE (examining the label thoughtfully): New Improved Crotch Bouquet. By golly, I'll try it!
DEBBIE: Not here, for God's sake!

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