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  • Most of us males, at one time or another, have felt like Joe, the scrawny little wimp in the old Charles Atlas advertisement who was humiliated in front of his girlfriend on the beach when the muscular bully kicked sand in his face. Joe then sent for the Charles Atlas bodybuilding course, and came back to the beach with large, bulging, rippling, muscles.

  • When the bully returned, he was extremely impressed and suggested that Joe should also apply oil to his body so that it would have a satiny gleam, and perhaps shave his armpits. Before long, they were very close friends and often helped each other select posing outfits.

  • This is'nt just a "comic book" story, and you can build your muscles, too - provided you have the discipline, drive, endurance, and just plain old-fashioned guts required to procure the necessary steroids

Here are some commonly asked questions about bodybuilding.

Q. I'm a man. How large should I let my muscles get?


The body has only a certain number of million cells. And since there is this thing about bodybuilders head and size of the body being in inverse relationship, each of these cells can be either part of your body or part of your head. This broadly means, and with no offence to the body builders, if you make your body bigger, your head has to get smaller. So you should cease your muscle development as soon as you start noticing the warning signs of severe head reduction

Q. Can a woman engage in body building?

Why not? Though experts have discovered that a woman can never achieve the large muscle mass definition of a 'Mister Universe', she can still with patience, dedication, and hard work, make herself look like Miss 'Mister Universe'
Or she cam simply have large, realistic depictions of centipedes tattooed on her face.

Q. Once I become huge and muscular, will I still be able to operate a telephone?
A. Push-button- probably yes; Rotary dial...ummm well.

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