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Tips for a Daughter In Law
  • Love, respect and care for your in-laws, form the basis for the courtesies extended towards them.

  • Be a good listener before you get familiar with the new place and surroundings. Avoid arguments and resentment. If you are upset about anything, analyse the situation. Avoiding those situations in future.

  • Never take the support of your own parents for petty issues. This will only worsen matters.

  • Be true to your in laws, give them happiness and get lots of love and happiness in return.

Tips for a Son In Law
  • It is the duty of the son in law to make his in-laws comfortable and more relaxed by being friendly.

  • Never display affection to their daughter (your wife) in words and action just to reassure them. Try being a son to them, rather than a son in law!

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