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Do's and Don'ts
  • DO conduct yourself gracefully whilst attending social functions like weddings/ engagements/ anniversaries/ other ceremonies etc.

  • DO circulate slowly and keeping a smile on your face.

  • DO walk up to bride/ bridegroom, if at a wedding; or the host/ hostess confidently, and congratulate them. Do not shy away from doing so. Many feel, incorrectly though, that they are insignificant to the gathering and their wishing the bride/bridegroom would not make a difference.

  • DON'T think one would go unnoticed displaying bad manners especially at large gatherings; as one is constantly being observed by the host/ hostess, friends, relatives and acquaintances. Take care to see that in conversation and behaviour, they do not embarrass the hosts.

  • DON'T break the queue when at the food counter. This displays crude and coarse behaviour.

  • DON'T walk away without thanking the hosts. Do not assume that they would not notice your leaving like this.

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