1. Education services to the underprivileged
    Our two projects in Gurgaon

    Our students today

2. Education services to train the youth to join the Indian Army
We are growing into a team of experienced professionals engaged in setting up top-class facilities.
Despite the extra focus on nationalism, the Army is not getting, retaining and upgrading the quality of officers. Currently, there are three schemes in vogue – regular entry through Army Cadet College/Indian Military Academy, Special Commissioned Officers, and Permanent Commission (Special List). For each of these schemes, there is a written examination. Selected candidates have to clear the SSB tests and interviews, which the soldiers find tough to crack, resulting in intake shortfall.
Soni Memorial Trust is assessing how it can help train the aspirants better.

3. Taking proper care of senior citizens
We are growing into a team of experienced professionals who will provide services including Living Trust, Living Will.

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