On the occasion of Gallantry Awards of India
Golden Kartar Signallers at Ahmedabad
(founder father Lt. Col C. Soni)
released VE Project 2- 'Celebrating our Heroes'
To watch video, click here


Soni Memorial Trust set up on 8th June 2021 has two main objectives:
A. In Education sector

  • (a) Basic literacy for the underprivileged and paying fees for schools, and beyond.
  • (A humble start is depicted here and students listed here)
  • Assistance in higher education, professional examinations for deserving poor students
  • (b) Preparing young adults to join the Indian Army

B. In Care for the elderly sector

  • (a) Providing medical products and equipment to the elders
  • (b) Mid-day meal for the very poor elders
  • (c) Good quality personal hygiene prodtucts (eg. adult diapers, hot water bottles etc.)
  • (d) Therapy sessions for elders to overcome depression; providing Care Guides to seniors having to endure loneliness

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