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  • States of tension are closely allied to anxiety. The muscles tend to be held tight, and the patient feels over stretched psychologically and physically. Irritability and anger are found, and the tension shows itself in a strained facial expression and trembling when the emotions seem about to break out uncontrollably. Someone with tension may also describe a feeling of fullness or tightness in the head. Tension can be very difficult to deal with, and it seems to arise from intense conflicts which may be either conscious or unconscious.

  • Very many varieties of headache are recognized throbbing, fullness, a tight band around the head and so on. Migraine is not uncommon and headache sometimes results from diseases such as that of the arteries, meningitis and others.

  • The tension headache is characterized by a constant, tight, constricting type of dull pain often above the eyes and at the back of the head on one or both sides or else like a band around the forehead or a pressure on top of the head. At times it seems to be chiefly where the base of the skull and the neck may go at night during sleep, only to be present again immediately on rising. It may be that, when the muscles of a tense patient cannot relax, the blood supply is diminished and so causes pain.

  • Undoubtedly a number of people have migraine in association with tension headache. Certain personality types are prone to it conscientious, striving, intense people and those whose families have hereditary component of anxiety. One third of sufferers have symptoms of depression, and the headache is often triggered off by emotional factors accompanied by stress. Among trigger causes are domestic stress, anticipations of difficult situations, events with built in stress such as meeting deadlines and driving to appointments through rush hour traffic.
    To treat a tension headache, you must first treat the underlying cause in other words, the tension,

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