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  • The role of stress in coronary artery disease has aroused tremendous interest in the past few years. It is well known that, if a man dies suddenly of, say, a heart attack, other men, especially of the same age group, will become thoughtfully anxious, and they often seek a reassuring physical examination.

  • In addition, it is known that particular psychological types are more aggressive. In research done in California when over 3000 men were checked over a period of eight and a half years, those with stressful personalities, including those with hostility, explosive speech, etc. showed twice the incidence of coronary disease, and were five times more likely to have a second attack.

  • It is recognized that a person in stress and emotional pressure, is likely to have a heart attack or a severe stress reaction, shown by panic, anger, dry mouth, breathlessness and muscular tension, plus high blood pressure. Other phsical problems arising from continued stress, such as duodenal ulcers, asthma, diabetes, over activity of the thyroid gland and skin disorders, may appear. Stress is not necessarily a primary cause but may be a potent factor in making an already existing condition worse.
    It is a fact that, if the body can be relaxed, the brain does not receive so much or so intense stimulation. This results in a slowing down of all body processes including the heart rate.

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