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  • People who talk about it do not commit suicide.
    Eight out of ten suicides have given verbal warnings.

  • Suicide happens without warning.
    There are almost always signals from the person before suicide is attempted.

  • People who attempt suicide are intent on dying.
    The majority are undecided and regularly gamble on being saved by others.

  • Once suicidal, always suicidal.
    Suicidal, intent often only lasts for a limited period and only one in ten ever repeats the attempt after the initial intent has passed.

  • The risk is over after the crisis.
    If the impulse still exists, physical improvement may give potential suicides the energy to try again.

  • Suicide strikes only the rich.
    It is absolutely democratic and can happen to rich and poor alike.

  • Suicidal tendencies can be inherited.
    Of course there may be a family factor, but in most people it is largely an individual matter.

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