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  • Mobility limitations are caused by conditions present at birth, or are the result of illness or physical injury. Functional abilities vary widely depending on age of onset, nature of the disease or injury, and response to treatment. Mobility limitations may fluctuate with periods of remission and exacerbation. The best source of information regarding functions and limitations is the student him/herself.

  • Physical access to a class is the first barrier a student with a mobility impairment may face, but this is not only related to the specific accessibility of the building or classroom. Crowded walkways, distance, change in elevation, lack of reliable transportation, or mechanical problems with a wheelchair can easily cause a student to be late.

  • Accommodations for students with mobility impairments may include:accessible classroom/ location/ furniture, alternative ways of completing assignments, lab or library assistance, assistive computer technology, exam modifications, and conveniently located parking.
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