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  • This is often prescribed in the management of manic depressive states, not only to help control over activity but also to reduce depression and produce a levelling of the heights and depths of mood swings.

  • The level of effectiveness is narrow and the amount of lithium in the blood has to be carefully monitored. People vary greatly in the evel of lithium rate until stabilized. If the level is too low, it is ineffective; if it is too high, tremor, ataxia (the loss of power in governing movements), speech difficulty and even confusion can occur.

  • Stimulants have little place in the treatment of depression but two should be mentioned. Pemoline temporarily reduces fatigue and drowsiness; and methylphenidate hydrochoride is a drug that stimulates the central nervous system.
    A mild transquillizer, meprobamate, is sometimes prescribed. It is best used intermittently and for only short periods.

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