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Intellectual broadening, wider interests and greater awareness of and curiosity about the world. Ability to think in abstract terms.

Starts to question things previously taken for granted. Wants to discuss and debate issues.

Parents have a fresh chance to get to know their offspring.

Specific intellectual skills, e.g. ability at math, science, or language may emerge.

May not be given the chance to develop these skills if "written off" by teachers or parents at an earlier stage.

Parents need to wait until the child's mid-teens before drawing conclusions about intellectual ability.

May develop strong interest in an artistic subject such as music or painting.

May neglect school work in favor of the new interest.

Parents need to recognize that their child may have abilities beyond their comprehension.

Becomes socially and physically adventurous, wanting to travel independently.

Even mature young adults believe they are immortal, young people may not follow recommended safety precautions.

Parents may want to discourage activities that they know to be dangerous, but risk antagonizing their child.


Attempts to find a social or political cause to be committed to. May turn to religious cults or movements.

Parents may be distressed at the child's rejection of their own religion or beliefs.

Involvement with life, work, and relationships outside the family.

Must learn to cope with related stresses. Probably want to go with friends instead of joining in the family vacation.

Parents' natural wish to protect their child may cause friction. Parents may want to enjoy their kind of vacation.

Has to set him - or herself on a course to achieve financial or emotional independence.

Anxieties or uncertainty about the future can wreak havoc with temper, confidence, and self-esteem.

Parents may still be financially supporting an adolescent who is not emotionally dependent on them. This can make for an uneasy and unequal relationship.

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