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Bleeding can usually be stopped by applying firm pressure to the cut for two to three minutes. Some sites such as the scalp will bleed more than others because of the increased blood supply to that area, and to stop bleeding here pressure may be required for a longer period of time. To minimize blood loss, the affected area should be elevated : in the case of an arm or leg this should be raised with the child lying down; for a head wound, the child should sit up, but if he begins to feel faint or dizzy he will need to be laid flat. The wound should be washed and, if clean, covered by a suitable Elastoplast or gauze dressing. IF the wound is not deep and the edges come together satisfactorily, healing will take place within five to eight days depending on the site.

  • If the bleeding will not stop.
  • If the cut is deep and the edges do not come together satisfactorily.
  • If the cut is in a site where a scar may be inconvenient in later life. In such a situation, stitches made with very fine thread may be indicated.
  • If the wound is dirty and needs special attention to clean satisfactorily.
  • If the cut is deep and made with a dirty object, a tetanus injection will be required if the child has not been immunized within the previous five years.
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