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  • The most widely prescribed anti depressant are the tricyclics and the tetracyclics. By and large, they have four main effects: they produce relatively rapid relaxation, elevate mood, improve appetite and improve the quality of sleep (so that hypnotics can often be avoided).

  • In certain instances, tricyclics can most usefully be combined with a phenothiazine such as trifluoperazine especially when concentration is impaired. These drugs should not be taken when under treatment for high blood pressure or heart complaints. They should also be avoided in certain eye and urinary conditions. Side-effects are relatively few; sluggishness during the first few days and a dry mouth are common.. There are quite a number of these is most valuable in the type of depression that includes an obsession with something, and one or two affect the heart and blood vessels.

  • The related compounds, the tetracyclics, do not cause dryness of mouth or involvement with the heart.
    It should be understood that both the tricyclics and tetracyclics have beneficial qualities too though in very small doses. Some are powerful sleep inducers, others are more stimulating.

  • New preparations continually appear, and among fairly recent medications are mianserin hydrochloride, manprotiline, nomifensine, dothiepin hydrocholode, doxepin and dibenzepin. Another type of anti depressant is L-tryptophan which is a natural amono acid. Its use needs to be continued over a length period.
    With all of these, self medication should be avoided as some combinations of anti depressants can be dangerous.

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