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If children donít have understanding and empathy at home, they will seek if from someone or something outside the family. They will turn to television, movies and friends for some inkling of individuality and assurance. They being to identify with outer, illusionary influences for validation. They will grow up with materialistic attitudes and values. Peer pressure will force them to act in a certain manner in order to be accepted and validated. So, encourage and nurture self-esteem in them. Demonstrate love. As they grow older, do not forget to hug them and tell then you love them, especially where they go to school or get busy with activities and friends. Praise, understanding, laughter, and love make a child grow up to be a resourceful and whole adult.

Children have to be gently guided in proper and healthy ways to treat themselves and others with care. Assist them in making decisions by given them suggestions. Acknowledge that they have rights; to know the truth, to be cared for; to be taught how to be an adult. This will give them self-respect and responsibility.

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