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Instill in your child from the beginning the belief that he/she is not like anyone else on this planet. Children are born with innate wisdom and God-given talents all their own. This not only distinguishes them from everyone else, but also force them to view the world in their unique way. “Never compare them to anyone else, for this breaks their spirit.”

The spiritual life of children is, many a time, overlooked or negated. Educate them in the realisation that they are spiritual beings working through lessons of self– awareness. Treat these little people as spiritual beings with a destiny to fulfil. “You can give them start in life. But you cannot control their destiny.”

Remember that people move ahead to new levels only in a supportive environment. Ridicule, humiliation and corporal punishment are not acceptable parenting techniques. Be open to a child’s point of view. Be a good listener and assume you know that he/ she is talking about. Encourage a sense of humor in your child that is not based on the ridicule of others. Give specific praise and encouragement often. Be open to them modifying your idea of reality – be willing to learn from them. Be willing to notice how their behaviour might be telling you something you need to know about yourself.

“They are unique, special beings made of God’s Love.” Enrich and celebrate their individuality and their presence on this earth.

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