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Be there for them- Do you know that as parents, you know your children well enough to be their best friend? Speak on their level of understanding, while still being aware of your position as parent. Help them make their healthy choices of friends, without any fear of judgement. Set clear boundaries while they are under your care and supervision. Be clear about where you stand one issues. e.g. I ď I feel that itís important to remember that other people have a right to live their lives in ways that are different from, ours.

Children are always watching and observing parents. They are great at mimicking. You are their mirror to the outside world and must demonstrate the qualities and principles by which you would like them to live. If you swear and curse at others, or you drink and have drugs, expect your child to do the same. It is very confusing to a child when parents say one thing and act differently; and, after a while, they lose trust in you.

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