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     Parents Change Too
     Crises In The Family
     Health Aspects
     Your Sick Child
     Medicine Chest
     Infectious Diseases
     Other Problems
     Everyday Incidents
     Physical Handicaps


The most important thing you can do to support your own and others children is to listen to them, take them seriously and acknowledge their personal growth. Be involved in their life. You should be attentive enough to be able to tell if a child is having a problem. Don’t forget that your children will be important mirrors of your own issues’ be willing to notice how their behaviour might be telling you sore thing you need to know about yourself. Pay attention, trust your instincts, and, above all, talk to your children. Help them resolve their dilemmas.

Teach the children self–reliance. Children must learn that they live in an imperfect world. Give them a chance to learn from their mistakes, without making them feel stupid or worthless. No critical remarks, please. Encourage them to ask what happened in the situation, what they felt about it or learned, and what they would do differently next time. Give them the spiritual keys to a happy and fulfilling life as life depends on taking some risks and having some failures also.

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