Somewhere in Gurgaon.

A humble start from Soni Memorial Trust

"This is Rajiv Soni from Gurgaon. A prominent Chartered Accountant and a teacher. Now he is busy imparting free primary and secondary education to underprivileged children. In the outdoors." Aditya Raj Kapoor

2nd initiative starts Feb 2022   36 kids

Here we are teaching Reciting the alphabet and recognizing them, Recognizing shapes and colors, Expressing thoughts and needs verbally, Reciting full name, days of the week, months of the year, Counting, Drawing with crayons/ pencils.
We also teach kids social and school-readiness skills. These lessons include teaching kids how to function in a group setting, with an emphasis on such behavior as sharing, turn-taking, cooperative play, transitioning from one activity to the next, civility, cleanliness, following classroom rules. We also also help kids learn self-care skills they will need in kindergarten, such as putting on their own shoes, feeding themselves, and using the bathroom independently.
A mid-day nutritious snack is being provided at 10 am everyday. 

Sarpanch Ji, Sh. Satish Yadav, Kanhaiye Gaon
  • Day 73. Snacks n stationary, 9th Aug. 22 Wonderful way to start school on a
    Tuesday morning. Everyone- irrespective of
    caste, creed, faith pays gratitude to the Lord.
  • Day 72. Stationary items, 8th Aug. 22 Thank you Dr Sushma Taneja for coming
    n meeting the kids, getting them their midday
    meal;and lots of stationary items.
  • Day 71. Goodies n gifts, 5th Aug. 22 Sanndeep Vaid, DPS alumnus, introduced
    us to: CTS-For a better tomorrow,
    Ms.Sipra Narula, Ms. Shivya, on her birthday.
  • Day 70. Short film, 5th Aug. 22 Arvind Kumar sahib's birthday.
    And then, we participated in a short
    film being made on education.
  • Day 69. Internet live, 3rd Aug. 22 Wednesday teaching at MY SCHOOL
    via the Internet.Thank u respected
    Ma'am Vinita Mehra for helping us.
  • Day 68. Wonderful day, 2nd Aug. 22 Wonderful day today...
    3 alumni- now in the nearby school-
    come back to MY SCHOOL to meet us.
  • Day 67. MY SCHOOL, 30th July 22 MY SCHOOL
    On a rainy day!
    Smiles galore...with hot bread pakora
  • Day 66. Drawing class, 29th July 22 Drawing class by contributor Sanya.
    She got the bacchhas to focus on how
    to draw a lotus in the simplest of manner.
  • Day 65. light shower, 29th July 22 Mid day meal...during a light shower.
    Bacchhas are hungry.
    Food is great!
  • Day 64. Meal sponsored, 28th July 22 Thank you ANURA LOGAN for this wonderful
    meal you have sponsored for us today
    at- MY SCHOOL, Kanhei Gaon, Sector 45.
  • Day 63. Drone project, 22nd July 22 Thank you Sanya...for braving the rain
    and coming to spend time with the kids.
    The kids were involved in a Drone project.
  • Day 62. Thank you, 19th July 22 Thank you Anju Sachdev for sponsoring
    a mid day meal on Remembrance of
    your dearest Mom on her birthday.
  • Day 61. Inaugurated , 18th July 22 Respected Sarpanch Satish Yadav ji
    inaugurated "Pedh ke neeche Internet"
    for teaching the kids of MY SCHOOL.
  • Day 60. Mid day meal, 17th July 22 Mid day meal experiment, Day 3, 35 kids
    Followed by fruit brought in by contributor
    Arvind Kumar who came with Dr Simrat Sohal.
  • Day 59. Internet service, 16th July 22 Internet comes to MY SCHOOL at Kanhei
    Gaon, Sector 45, Gurgaon.
    Thanks to Siddharth Gupta for enabling this.
  • Day 58. New contributor, 15th July 22 Made everything possible today.
    School bags, rasgullas, food distribution.
    With an accomplished artist Sanya Ji.
  • Day 57. New School bags, 15th July 22 Contributor Nishat Khan sahiba n friend Parul
    School bags for everyone.
    Rasgullas for everyone.
  • Day 56. Sweet sponsored, 14th July 22 Experiment continues:
    Today's mid-day meal & Sweet sponsored
    by DPS Alumnus Simrat Bawa Gulati.
  • Day 55. Today's experiment, 12th July 22 Today's experiment of Rajma-Chawal for 30kids
    followed by a cold drink proved successful.
    Thank u Achala Tiwari(n her hansum husband)
  • Day 54. Potable water, 8th July 22 Potable water for the kids...
    Another step towards improvement.
  • Day 53. Mid day snack, 7th July 22 I just made Jam sandwiches for my 32
    bacchhas... mid day snack at My School.
    With chocolate biscuits and Nimbu paani.
  • Day 52. Smile please, 5th July 22 Beat these dudes, dudettes...
  • Day 51. Third Volunteer, 4th July 22 Thank you Volunteer Dolly ji, for taking
    out time and coming and spending time
    with bacchas. They greatly appreciate your gesture.
  • Day 50. School reopens, 1st July 22 My School reopens today 1.7.22 Yaaay!
    First day ever at school for lil Divya.
    Soon the tears will turn into laughter.
  • Day 49. Happy Birthday, 15th June 22 The bacchhas at My School had a double
    bonanza today! Great generosity by
    Amit R Sabharwaal and Rakhi ji.
  • Day 48. Cake n Savories, 15th June 22 Happy Birthday Israr Khan sahib,
    thank u Priya Jain n friends Priya, Aditya.
  • Day 47. Celebrate B'day , 14th June 22 Mr and Mrs Basu celebrate the10th birthday
    of their princess with bacchhas at My School.
  • Day 46. Happy Birthday, 13th June 22 Happy Birthday dear Aarika
    (Dinesh Madan sahibs grand daughter)
    and thank you for this lovely party.
  • Day 45. Normal day, 11th June 22 We started the day normally.
    And progressed normally.
    Then, Arvind Kumar sahib joined in.
  • Day 44. Second volunteer, 6th June 22 Thank you Prachi Sharma ji for coming
    over and distributing Drawing books/ crayons
    to my bacchhas...and using Storytelling sharing
  • Day 43. Happy Birthday, 6th June 22 Happy Birthday Saahir! (DPS Alumnus Dinesh
    Madan sahib's grandson) My bacchhas
    love these events. Thank you Dinesh Ji.
  • Day 42. First volunteer , 3rd June 22 Today, we start with respected Arvind Kumar ji
    who has so graciously volunteered to come
    and interact with my bacchas.
  • Day 41. Cool drinks, 1st June 22 Some Thanda, thanda, Cool cool drinks for
    the bacchhas- thanks to Nitin Kapoor, Asha Kapoor
  • Day 40. Your blessings, 31st May 22 Thank you Mom for your blessings...
    to initiate Soni Memorial Trust
    thank you Dinesh Malhotra, Sunil Gupta.
  • Day 39. Our prayers, 30th May 22 Let's say our prayers, do some exercises..
    and get on with it! And then,
    surprise surprise! Today, there's Kheer.
  • Day 38. New clothes, 28th May 22 Thank u, good samaritan for these clothes,
    which are in very good condition n fit beautifully.
  • Day 37. Humble token, 26th May 22 This is a humble token for remembrance
    of Sandip Sareen...who loved kids,
    loved sharing with kids.
  • Day 36. Toys, books, 25th May 22 Thank you..:) for these toys, books,
    Anhad Bhagi betaa...Rabb Raakha
    Your generosity and large heartedness.
  • Day 35. Show must go on, 24th May 22 The red seating mats are wet,
    now being dried. However, class
    is being held, show must go on.
  • Day 34. Thank you Sir, 21st May 22 Thank you Rajoo Goutam for taking out
    time during your short visit from England
    and coming to meet the kids-at both sites.
  • Day 33. My star, 20th May 22 My star performer students:
    Aayush, Riyaz, Ima Ali, Laxmi & Rakhi
    How can one NOT fall in love with them?
  • Day 32. The day begins, 18th May 22 Wed. The day begins with a Prayer.
    Next, a little Exercise.
    Then Study and Break-time.
  • Day 31.Enjoy cool Rooh Afza 14th May 22 Having cleaned the classroom, we are ready
    to enjoy cool Rooh Afza. Everyone had
    3 glasses to beat the sweltering heat!
  • Day 30. Ek classroom, 13th May 22 Main aur mere bacchhe... aksar ye baatein
    kartey hain agar ek classroom hota,
    agar thandaa paani miltaa toh kya hota.
  • Day 29. Mid day snack, 12th May 22 Thursday mid day snack.
    Thank you Tanu Ahuja for contributing:)
  • Day 28. New books!, 9th May 22 Riaz Islam is delighted to learn that he will be
    getting new books! Thank u Sanndeep Vaid.
  • Day 27. The air is cool, 9th May 22 The air is cool, water is cool, kids are cool..
    Am also testing my teaching skills by teaching
    Ravi bringing him upto speed for a reTest in English
  • Day 26. The earthen pot, 7th May 22 Water we will still drink from the earthen pot
    But, for lassi, sherbet, chaach that I'll make
    at home for the bacchas.
  • Day 25. Admitted in school, 6th May 22 गुरुग्राम में - पेड़ के नीचे पढ़ाई. Our 11th student,
    Sunny, admitted in Class 5 today
    at Govt. School, Kanhai Gaon Sec 45.
  • Day 24. Happy birthday, 5th May 22 Happy birthday dear Aditya Soni (SFO, USA)
    My student, Riaz Islam chotey miya,
    cuts the cake for you in Gurgaon.
  • Day 23. At my school, 23rd April 22 The first cake at 9 am.
    At My School...with the lovely bacchhas.
  • Day 22. Birthday present?, 14th April 22 What could be a better birthday present?
    5 bacchas from our 60 day old initiative
    admitted into a regular school!
  • Day 21. Mid day snacks, 13th April 22 Thank you Sheena Taneja ji for your generosity
    and sponsoring mid day
    snacks to these kids.
  • Day 20. A lil exercise, 12th April 22 This is how we start our day at School.
    A prayer, A lil exercise....then studies
    No rooms, no ACs, no technologies
  • Day 19. Today's class, 8th April 22 Glimpses of today's class. So cool n pleasant
    under the tree. Today's mid day meal...
  • Day 18. Birthday, 1st April 22 Our teacher Pooja ji's birthday. Cake and other
    goodies. Thank you Manoj & Ekta Pardasani
    n then study time.
  • Day 17. Wed morning, 30th Mar. 22 Thank you Mrs Nisha Dhawan Bedi for
    your kindness and benevolence towards
    these kids...
  • Day 16. Healthcare, 28th Mar. 22 Mobile Healthcare van of the Jain community
    Great opportunity to have all our bacchhas
    checked- for eyesight and dental problems.
  • Day 15. Mid day Meals, 24th Mar. 22 Thanks to generosity extended by Manoj
    n Ekta Pardasani...mid day meal
    for the bacchhas present today.
  • Day 14. Pershad, 23rd Mar. 22 Mid day meal for the 'bacchas' as
    'pershad' sent by Yashaank Wahi praying
    for eternal peace for his grandparents.
  • Day 13. Happy Holi, 17th Mar. 22 9.30 -10.30 am Holi celebrations at the farm
    where I started teaching in Oct 2020.
    Ex- ITC colleague Sanjiv Sharma, joined in.
  • Day 12. Gen-Next, 15th Mar. 22 Our chauffeur Gore Lal's daughter Himani,
    volunteered to fill in and teach the preschoolers.
    Well done, Gen-Next, proud of you.
  • Day 11. Gift packet, 12th Mar. 22 Thank you Mrs Priyanka Sharma for your
    large heartedness on the auspicious
    occasion of 16th birthday of your son Aksh.
  • Day 10. Well wisher, 11th Mar. 22 Well wisher Manshikha Aneja dropped
    in today to say Hi to the kids.
  • Day 9. New Classroom, 9th Mar. 22 We've been shunted out!
    But my bacchhas and I don't give up!
    Our new classroom.
  • Day 8. Morning prayer, 7th Mar. 22 Morning prayer: "Thank you God, for the birds that sing."
  • Day 7. Need a lil help, 4th Mar. 22 Hv I bitten off more than I can chew?
    Need a lil help for operations-running expenses,
    maintenance. Meanwhile, Thank you.
  • Day 6. Two weeks over, 25th Feb. 22 Things are settling down. 32-36 kids.
    Looking for a small sponsorship-
    drawing books, crayons.Please connect.
  • Day 5. Mid day snack, 21st Feb. 22 Thank you Atul Kapur, thank you RASOI
    for your generosity in providing this mid day snack. Then study starts...
  • Day 4. Study starts, 18th Feb. 22 We start with a prayer that we used to
    say as 4,5 years old. Then study starts...
  • Day 2. Start learning, 16th Feb. 22 Day 2 begins with a Prayer to show gratitude,
    some Exercise to develop the habit.
    and we're ready to 'start learning'.
  • Day 1. 2nd initiative, 15th Feb. 22 Sarpanch Ji, Shri Satish Yadav blessing our
    2nd initiative of teaching 'poorest of poor'
    30 children at Kanhayi Gaon, Sec. 45, Gurgaon.