SEHER an inspirational story for our youth to make India a stronger country


Chief Guest
 Hon. Minister Mr. Salman Khurshid

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MUMBAI LAUNCH 26/11/2011
Chief Guest
 Hon. Minister Mr. Salman Khurshid

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 PROTAGONIST about a young small-town Indian who, after some years of hard work, makes it to the world stage. But a dastardly terrorist attack evokes a dilemma- whether to remain centre stage, or go in there and do what you gotta do towards making a safer India.
A love story not of a girl and boy; but of a girl and her country. A girl and her country, India.with 26/11 as backdrop. 

Some section of youngsters must come forward to 'guard India' and what better
than a young girl, all of 20, who gives up a fabulous glittering career to lead the way; sacrificing everything in her fight against terrorism on Indian soil

A youth icon! 
Whose substance scores over style.
Feedback by Readers

Date: 11/28/2010  Dr. KS Subramanian IPS(Retd).

Comments: a panel speaker at the Launch..via email:Raj Soni s recent novel SEHER is an enjoyable read.Its heroine, in the counter-terrorism activism, is a role model for not only Indian women but also men,especially in the context of our police institutions, which are a dangerous anachronism.Further, the novel contains the ingredients of a successful Bollywood blockbuster and the author would be well advised to exploit this potential.

Date: 12/05/2010  Mr. Pankaj Pachauri, NDTV

Comments: Via email:Congratuations..Whatever I read I found it as a step in new nation building.Bravo

Date: 12/18/2010  Mr. Unknown Reader

Comments: Via SMS:Hi sir..i have read ur is so interesting and differnt from others novel which hardly teaches some had been my pleasure that i had got an opportunity to receive this novel from u...

Date: 01/6/2011  Ms. Aditi Lohia

Comments: CA student,via email:SEHER is the one of the awesomest book i have read.It was totally WORTH READING book.I m mesmerized by the character SEHER.I was feeling like i should drop C.A.course n go 4 a commando training.Thnkxx u sir 4 it.

Date: 02/12/2011  Mr. Prashant Kumar

Comments: CA student,via SMS:hi sir..seriously i ve become a great fan of urs after reading ur book!!.awesome book man i must say..really nice.i enjoyed readin.let me tell u 1 thing, i ve nt read as many as 25 novels in ma life n i really shld tell u dat "SEHER" is d best buk i hv ever read.n m eagerly waitin fr ua nxt book..& hopinf to jst get a chance to saluate u once again..

Date: 4/20/2012   Ms. Malvika Jaiswal

Comments: Yes sir i have received it nd i really like ur book........

Date: 03/17/2011   Mr. Unknown Reader

Comments: hi sir, I congrtulat 4 ur sucesful wrk on SEHER..d buk actualy show ur hard wrk, creativity n lots of research..thoug m abl 2 finish nly haf f its chngin ma perspctive.highly inspired nd influenced by ur novel i wait 4 more such wrk in near future..weldone.

Date: 04/25/2011   Mr. Nikhil Neelotpal

Comments: Via email:dear sir,I got ur book only yesterday n read it hat same nyte.Cover of book is very nice n itself reflects character of ur brave character "SEHER".I did hve interact with u at orientaion n true to ur personality u kept interest on till last.u have nicely stuffed message in b/w that story.I was sure u wil launch this on day of ur choice.congrats.!!! n when r u launching ur book "my life as a C.A student ?." warm regards,

Date: 05/19/2011   Ms. Sheena Damodaran

Comments: I took it in the morning and didt keep it down till finished it.a real nice sweet book..

Date: 05/27/2011   Mr. Ramesh

Comments: This is an awesome book by u sir.I have read out it in a single day.Fabulous work

Date: 06/06/2011   Mr. Naman Kaushik

Comments: Sir I just completed reading SEHER...amazing book and every Indian must read it...

Date: 08/11/2011   Ms. Radhika

Comments: Via Sms..Respected Sir, read few pages of your book SEHER awesome.Truly inspiring novel us.

Date: 09/25/2011   Ms. Kanika

Comments: Via Sms..dis is Kanika, CA student luvd ur orientation class.ur book is awesome sir.! I just read few pages.but till now lykd d style od description.I always read motivations buks.This is 1st functional buks i had bough n dat 2 i m lykng n its inspirningt!.

Date: 09/29/2011   Ms. Queenie

Comments: Via Sms..Congrations Sir,For ur book Seher !!I hd a look at it right nw wid a student.seems too goods.Wil u plz it me knw frm wherecn i get copt of d buk.:):)

Date: 10/11/2011   Mr. Mohit Rajan

Comments: I read Seher outstanding....i became a fan of u sir...

Date: 10/21/2011   Mr. Aditya Chapagain

Comments:Orientation batch 128,Kathmandu Nepal:Seher is fantafabulous(fantastic+fabulous)novel.sir after reading novel i m confused..whether a leave a course n join army..or to marry a army girl?.

Date: 10/30/2011   Ms. Garima Thirpathi

Comments:A very interesting book Seher..:)learned a lot frm Seher.I liked a dscription of everything d most.

Date: 11/19/2011   Mr. Basnta Nepali

Comments:Via SMS..just finish Seher awesome story.N should u a movie outta it.m gonna watch the first show.!!

Date: 11/28/2011   Mr. Sarngudeep Singh

Comments:Sir reading the book Seher has been enjoyable experinces.One gets inspired by the style of writing n presentations of facts.

Date: 11/29/2011   Mr. Giriraaj Kishor Sharma

Comments:Fabulous thought n real time imagination fully dedicated for Indian.I became a big fan of Rajiv sir.Superbb n thnkx to display a real picture via ur book Seher.I respect ur ideas n feeling.Seher book is not only a book but also a mirror to show how to handle these situtaion n save to our peoples.Thankx a lot DIL SA...for SEHER.And plz folow thought in our life.

Date: 12/01/2011   Ms. Ashima Srivastava

Comments:Sir, ur book amazing.. very inspiring will love to read more ur books..

Date: 12/11/2011   Ms. Saima Khan

Comments:Via sms. Sir I read ur book nt ful.but little nd i found it very interesting nd mking me curious to read more...:)

Date: 12/17/2011   Ms. Sawdha

Comments:hi sir congrations 4 ur succesful works on Seher.d buk actualy show ur hard wrk, creativity n a lot of research thoug m able to finish half it bt its chnging ma perstive.highly inspired nd influnced by ur novel...thnkxx

Date: 12/20/2011   Ms. Sawdha

Comments:Via Sms..Hello Sir, Reading n begining chapter f ur buk.Too good nd nws eagerly w8in to read it frwds as soon as m free! bt dis is sure dats Its a BIG HITS!!.

Date: 01/10/2012   Mr. Yatendar Sharma

Comments:Via Email..Hi Rajiv Sir ,I have read ur book Seher .So good n Seher is somethin different to others nd fully focus on Indian peoples and our respected culture.I realised that ur thought for country superbb n dedicated.Nice book nd display good message to every Indian.Being human so nice nd fabulous novel sir.

Date: 4/27/2012   Ms. Aanchal Jhamb

Comments:An awesome story. Motivates you, enthralls you, n above all.... inspires you to do something on your part for INDIA. Proud to be a reader of it.

Date: 4/27/2012   Mr. Chandan Kumar Gupta

Comments:I went through this amazing book. The revolution in thinking process as shown in the story, is the need of our country. What you have contributed to your country is the only thing you have done lovable. I get inspired by this book...Thank u so much...

Date: 4/27/2012   Mr. Ravi Mishra

Comments:What to say sir... It was an excellent story sir.....

Date: 4/27/2012   Mr. Vishal Verma

Comments:I Like this book because one share of price of this book used for victims. In Mumbai terror attack ( 26/11 )

Date: 4/27/2012   Mr. Niraj Kc

Comments:superb story ever i read in my life.m waiting for your nex t story aaliya. what a intersting and relevant story you delivered through SEHER .

Date: 4/27/2012   Mr. Jitin Agrawal

Comments:In simple words SEHER is a very good book. Everyone should read...

Date: 4/27/2012   Mr. ROHIT KUMAR

Comments:really nice book for books lover and thanks to write this book for us to know the story of SEHER.

Date: 4/28/2012   Mr. LEKHRAJ GARG

Comments:rI LIKE SEHER

Date: 4/28/2012   Ms. JASVIN KAUR


Date: 5/18/2012   Ms. HIMANSHI JAIN

Comments:The boook ws really heart touching n a hard core reality about d political leaders who ruined our country n ultimate sufferer is d common man at every stage. one or other way it awaken d youth, d things many more to b confronted.

Date: 5/19/2012   Mr. Prashant Prabhakar

Comments:The book SEHER is a perfect book in my life when i start to reading this book then i realised about my country & culture that what should be do & what are doining in actual.

Date: 5/22/2012   Mr. Abhineet Mishra

Comments:sir its wonderful......... evry one need to study d book...... sir we want some more books frm u.......

Date: 6/16/2012   Mr. Sanchit Matta

Comments:Awsome book sir , hav read it twice and every time i have read it i got a different feeling cant express it in words . Thanks for giving me a chance to read it ... :))

Date: 6/28/2012   Mr. Gaurav Pandey

Comments:Sir Seher is a fantastic book,which i got frm orientation batch 162.

Date: 8/7/2012   Mr. Vinod Kumar

Comments:i like it........

Date: 8/31/2012   Mr. Paras Vig

Comments:nice programme you have organised to give tribute to victims of 26/11 attack.....hats off sir jee....:)

Date: 10/16/2012   Mr. Javed Khan

Comments:Nice book n good thought for indian soul.Thanks u sir

Date: 12/20/2012   Ms. SWEETY SHARMA

Comments:very good & appreciatable book.

Date: 12/20/2013   Mr. Dinesh Tomar

Comments:Hi sir, Great book and good story of Seher.I like it. .

Date: 12/20/2013   Mr. Amit Nimal

Comments:Seher Superb Sir Waiting For AAliya I Want to bought aaliya signed by you.

Date: 1/06/2014   Mr. Tarun Sharma

Comments:I like the story of Seher.

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