Soft Skills

Today, as the number of young people going to university rises and competition for jobs is strong, the need is to have more than just academic ability. What Universities and Companies, Employers want is trustworthiness, ethics, empathy, communication, teamwork. Or, at least, the capacity to improve on these.

Whilst academic achievement is on the rise, the 'soft' skills are falling behind. Something needs to be done to correct this.

Soft skills classes are generally held for adults. Most employable people seem to lack in soft skills, so they undergo this training. It has became mandatory for final year engineering students. This is done so that these graduates are armed with enough skills to land well paying jobs.

But soft skills for children? Yes, it is a good idea to get young children to start to think along these lines. When they are aware of the need for such skills, they start young and become well rounded personalities as they grow up. The topics covered for them will be different and in a manner that they can understand....tailored for their age and intelligence.

Soft Skills for students in Primary School (Class 3-5) My belief is that it's easier to build strong children, than teach adults. And within children, start with Primary School children. I teach my modules not just by demonstration; but by participation.

Soft Skills for students in Middle School (Class 6-9) As students enter middle-school years, there is an increased emphasis on their academic performance - how they do now will pave the way for their high school years. The skills we emphasize in this category include Study Skills, Behavior Skills, Communication Skills and Self-Development Skills and these engage with their students' academics effectively.

Soft Skills for students in High School (Class 10-12) Time is now fast approaching for students to start knowing how to manage themselves, study on their own, become responsible adults knowing their civic and civil duties, become a team player at work and in life, develop leadership qualities; become a valued employee, cherished friend, and disciplined individual. Self-management can be taught by helping students be aware of themselves, have integrity, and make wise choices based on good values. All these will help those lead healthy and successful lives as adults.

Soft Skills for Teachers Teaching is a noble profession and shapes the future of a generation...through consistent engagement with bright, young minds. A teacher's job is very demanding, and they have to use a wide range of skills to perform their job well.
Teachers require a variety of skill sets for not just blackboard teaching and creating lesson plans, working with administrators and interacting with parents...but also inspiring, motivating and guiding students.
Teachers need skills to create a conducive learning environment that facilitates the development of their students.

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