Project 1


Mansi, Deepak, Vikas admitted in Govt school in DLF Phase 3, Gurgaon in Sept 2021 but they need regular extra coaching in Class 3, 2, 1 respectively. The two older sisters Manju (18 yrs), Sanju (14 yrs) are now too old for regular school, but my effort continues to get them basic literacy and skill based training.

Expenditure done thus far on Mansi, Deepak, Vikas
(i) Getting Adhar Card, administrative charges Rs.2,400/-
(ii) Photos, photocopies - Rs. 300/-
(iii) 3 bank accounts at the school Rs. 3,000/-
(iv) Photos, photocopies - Rs. 200/-
(v) Stationary for children, note books, books Rs. 1,100/-
Total Rs. 6,000/-
Expenditure committed till 31st March 2022
(vi) Tuition @ Rs.300/- pm for 3 children x 6 mts Rs. 5,400/-
(vii) Stationary for children, note books, books Rs. 1000/-
(vii) Uniforms Rs. 1,800/-
Total Rs. 8,200/-
Miscellaneous Rs. 800/-

Above expense of 3 children Rs. 15,000 has been sponsored by Mr Ravi Khaitan.

• Shoes socks expenditure for 5 children taken over by Mrs Swati Machanda Kahol
• Goodwill amount @ Rs.501/- per child contributed by Rajoo Goutam (UK)
• Goodwill amount Rs.2500/- contributed by Mr Ajay Row

More sponsors for education expense welcome.

Cheque to be made payable to Soni Memorial Trust

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