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Aura is a Latin word which means a glow of light . Aura is itself an energy field around the body like a halo. There are seven auras belonging to seven subtle energy bodies.

It has been now proved scientifically that auras do exist. They can be visible with Kirilian photography.
The spiritual aura has a diameter of 15-18 feet, the mental aura of 8 feet and the etheric aura has a length of 8".

Benefit of Reiki body ailment

In the human body no single organ is independent and all of them are interconnected with each other. And if a specific part of the body gets diseased, the whole body suffers.

Body as a whole system

To give one instance, if a person suffers from indigestion, the food he takes cannot be properly assimilated into the body and so wastes get collected in the tissues, muscles, blood vessels and joints. 'In such cases the organs which have been allotted the function to eliminate waste from the body will be subject to overstrain.

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