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On April 24, 1998, clouds overcast the entire School when our former Principal and an eminent educationist, Mr. Din Dayal passed away, leaving a great void in our lives. Mr. Din Dayal gave his best to the school working selflessly to improve educational standards.


Mr. Shiv Kumar was snatched away by the cruel hands of fate six months back. His tragic and untimely death still remains a fact difficult to accept. A thorough gentleman and a dedicated teacher who served DPS Mathura Road from 2-7-79 to 6-2-99 (in the capacity of a Chemistry teacher).

"Not a day passes by when you are not remembered by the members of the Chemistry Faculty. He was truly a real teacher, an affectionate colleague and a true friend. You live in our hearts and can never be forgotten. We miss your company." Manohar Lal, Department of Chemistry.


The warmth and gaiety of Christmas this year was enveloped by a pall of gloom as a very dear friend and colleague, Vibha Vasudeva, was snatched away from our midst, most tragically, by the cruel hands of fate on the 26th of December, 1998. Her friends, family and neighbours could not believe that someone so young, so talented and so full of life just moments before, had suddenly breathed her last and no amount of medical assistance, tears and coaxing would wake her from her eternal sleep.

Vibha had been with Delhi Public School, Mathura Road for nearly two decades and had been associated with the Science department of the Junior Section. With her smiling countenance and joie de vivre she had reached out to one and all. Under the most adverse conditions she remained unperturbed and handled many a project and exhibitions with great aplomb. During her long tenure, she had handled many assignments and had been successful class representative and magazine incharge. As a teacher, she was warm, understanding and motherly with her students. As a colleague, she was helpful, caring and friendly with all of us. As a mother she was concerned, doting and involved with her children. As a wife, she was loving, dedicated and a real pillar of strength for her husband. She is no longer with us today, but every nook and corner of the Junior School is alive with her memories. Itís almost as if youíll turn a corner and bump into her again. One only has to look at her children and know that she still lives on, in the light that lights up her sonís eyes, in the smile that plays on her daughterís lips and in our hearts which she touched in so many ways.


A sudden wave of grey clouds again descended over the school when our respected Vice Chairman of DPS Society, Mr. Prem Sehgal passed away on October 20, 1998.

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