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  Books are a treasure trove of knowledge, they say, but can one   say the same about the ocean of information, the   Internet,   especially when it comes to the students ?

There is no doubt about the fact that Internet is a boon for all. Education which was just restricted to the books till some years back now extends to the thousands of websites. Having Internet to amplify the knowledge is a blessing but have you ever thought that it can be also be foolish to trust Internet for anything and everything that one studies?

Often web portals are updated with latest of news and researches about different subject lines and themes but it might just turn out that they may not be worth anything. At a time when most people around the world are going crazy about receiving internet updates for studies and research matter, there are some smart students who prefer to trust their teachers.

Kritika Goyal, a student of class 11, science stream with Mathematics, say, ‘’Internet is just so confusing and I cannot trust it blindly. What I have seen and realized is that numerous websites on the net can sometimes be confusing and very suspicious too. Several practical problems or mathematical equations which require a lot of brainstorming don’t usually find a solution on these web portals. I have tried looking for various clues on websites but every time I get more confused.’’

  A lot of students prefer to stick to their text books as they believe   that if the basics are cleared, higher level topics become much   easier to understand. The fancy of latest web portals have captured   imagination of people in large numbers but there are few who feel   that there is nothing special about these. ‘’I use Internet for fun   and gathering knowledge in other subjects but not for my studies. I   prefer to take the advice from my teachers for it,’’ quips Sushant   Rathi, a student.

Though Internet has always been criticized for its privacy and authenticity issues, one cannot ignore the educational benefits that a large student force reaps out of it. Web portals which are updated on a day to day basis get thousands of hits in a matter of seconds. Many projects and educational write ups that are served by best of minds are easily available here. But the question arises on how it’s grasped individually. Protima Sengar, a teacher shares, ‘’At school level one does not really need Internet for anything in particular.

We have sufficient books and materials where all requirements are met instantly. Taking information from Internet can be troublesome if you don’t know where it is sourced from or attributed to. It would be incorrect to say that all information on web portals is not factual, but at the same time half baked knowledge is surely a dangerous thing to have. The good thing is that parents too have become alert about where their wards should study from and how much. ‘’I never use Internet for my child’s studies and trust only books to educate him about the facts and figures, says Amrita Pramanik, a parent. Whatever is there to understand must be clear and not ambivalent and Internet might just turn it this way for you. A majority of parents feel that books are a consolidated package of knowledge and serve best in all circumstances.
(Via-Times INDIA)

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