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BY: Atul Bahl, 1969 Batch

Happy memories of life at school are still fresh in the mind today, even after leaving it thirty years ago. Having studied throughout at DPS, I saw the school grow from one building and several tents that housed classes and the clinic, to a huge complex and no tents!

In the junior classes at school, one really looked forward to the monsoon. Whenever it rained heavily the previous night, water would flood the tents. School buses, then run by a private contractor, would go around the next morning to declare that school would be closed, much to our delight. Some friends I made in Junior School remain friends even today. Though one does not meet some of them so often, it is still like old times when we meet. We remember the times we skipped classes and went for a plate of ‘chaat’ to Sweets Corner at Sunder Nagar. I remember in the Junior classes the school used to serve flavoured Keventer’s milk. More often than not, we would exchange it for a Coke and a Samosa in the Canteen.

One cannot talk about DPS without mention of Mr. Din Dayal who contributed significantly to the development of the school. I still recall him doing the rounds of the corridors, cane in hand. The unfortunate ones who were caught loitering would be smacked on their palms and believe me it could be painful! In spite of his stern exterior, he was an extremely warm human being. I remember his presence at Modern School, rooting for our team during the Inter School Cricket match which was played at their grounds. The school has a lot to thank him for.

Mrs. S. Sanyal was our class teacher from class nine through to the eleventh. She was a wonderful teacher and treated us more like friends. She even permitted a dance party at her home after our ISC exams!

DPS was more than a place where we went to study. It taught us team spirit, inculcated a sense of camaraderie and helped us grow as individuals during the crucial formative years.

I am truly proud to be a Dipsite.

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