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BY: Anjali Bansal

We moved together
We giggled together
We sang together
We danced together
We even had crushes together

In short we believed in togetherness. We includes Deepika, Bhavna and of course Me. In School we lived a world of our own thoughts but we were fully aware of the happenings around. The three of us even had a language of our own – incomprehensible to others. There was an unwritten rule – loyalty to the group was utmost. Till date we abide by that – talk bad about one of us and the other two will jump in defence. We lived to be happy and lived each day as it came.

If any day one of us was absent, not only were we unhappy but even other students found it unusual and unfailingly asked about the absentee’s whereabouts. The three of us were a common sight in school and anyone from the batch of ’96 would vouch for that. Those were wonderful days.

When school got over all of us had to look for suitable colleges. As expected we wanted to join the same course. But that didn’t happen. Even this situation didn’t deter us from our path of togetherness. We still managed to take out time and meet. The frequency of our meetings was less, which we regretted and therefore jumped at every opportunity we got to meet. If I ever bump into anyone from school, they always enquire about the other two. I willingly oblige.

Three years of college and again we found ourselves standing at a crossroad. The togetherness intact but the fields of focus have changed completely. All three of us have joined diverse fields. But we still keep in touch. We still feel the togetherness. We still miss our school days.

I know we have a lifetime to go and I hope our togetherness remains the way it has. At the end of it, I realise that beautiful friendships like these start somewhere, that somewhere for me was DPS.

I owe it all to my school – DPS.

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