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BY: Shuchi Krishan, 1976 Batch

I joined DPS Mathura Road in Class I. A part of me has never left it ever since. It is this part which is the foundation that I stand on, be it when I am educating my children or dealing with the nitty gritty of every day life. The motto of “Service Before Self” has been ingrained into me. It is because of this service to my art and society that today I have the privilege to write for you. My teachers at DPS Mathura Road, especially our Principal Mr. Din Dayal showed me the right path. No other school would have nurtured and encouraged my art like DPS Mathura Road. We were all like a well nurturned garden where an invisible gardener knew every leaf, every new bud and every blossom. We had the shade of the strongest oaks and the foundation of the richest soils.

The school has always brought out rounded and multi-faceted personalities. Each individual was given his space. Education at DPS Mathura Road made us positive individuals. I want to take this opportunity to thank all my teachers especially our Principal Mr. Din Dayal, Mr. Sanyal, Mr. Rao, Mr. Sharma, Mr. Sinha and Mr. Singh who were always encouraging us in sports and Mr. Hadi Hussain, who was like a father to us.

Ten years back, when I visited the school, I saw an old batik paining of mine hanging in the corridor. It was like when you leave your home your parents always keep your things around and today its been twenty three years and its still hanging well cared for in the Art room. And I know that no other place in the world would honour me more.

Thank you, Delhi Public School

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