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A Sense of Belinging

BY: Bhavna Kapoor

Iíve always been know to be the dreamy, absentiminded kind and of course, for good reasons ! But there are certain days of my life which I remember better than yesterday. Thatís probably because those days were registered not only by my mind but also, my heart.

DPS Mathura Road, meant the entire world to me for fourteen odd years of my life ! And even though, Iíve been out of school for more than three years now, those days keep coming back to me more often than not.

This wonderful place has given me more than I could ask for. Some impeccable expressions which have left their imperishable impressions on me- memories, to be treasured for a life time Ö. Friendships, that shall last for ever and the best of all .. Ö a sense of belonging Iíll always be proud of.

In the end I would just say Ė

Thank you DPS Ė for making me what I am.

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